Newbridge Park and Ride

Newbridge Park and Ride: will the vandalism caused by the recent occupation of the site by gypsies be reinstated?  The new extended area is being regularly used however it is quite dangerous for people to walk to the bus stops as they either have to walk on the carriageway or over a mud track which is very slippery.  Could the Council consider improving this access?


The damage to the height barrier at this site is being addressed by Parking Services for repair to ensure the site is again secure. Repairs to tree damage will be undertaken through the site contractor, Four Seasons, to be funded by Parking Services to ensure compliance within the current maintenance agreement for landscaping.

The concerns regarding the condition of the ‘mud track’ have been referred to Massimo Polacco, as Project Manager, for the development to address with ER Hemmings, the site contractor.

March 2016