Bathavon Action Plan

Transport was the highest priority raised at the July 2015 workshop for Bathavon, as well as a need to improve information sharing and community engagement.







Lead   / Involving


Children & Young People

Improve the provision of services   and facilities for young people.



Share best practice between villages that are   supporting youth provision.

B&NES Children Centre Services


Parish Councils


Developments and   Infrastructure


Ensure the   impact of development maintains the identity of villages and provides   sufficient improvements to infrastructure such as schools, roads, traffic,   affordable housing and health (being aware of the needs of boat dwellers   living in the area.)


Parish Councils to continue to engage with the   Placemaking and Neighbourhood Planning process.  Report back to Forum on progress.






B&NES Planning Policy


All Parish Councils





Joint Spatial Plan Consultation launched in November   2015.  All Forums have hosted a   presentation on this.  Initial   consultation ran until 29th January 2016 and a joint response was submitted   from all Forums.  Two working groups   involving selected Parish Councils and Ward Councillors were set up in   February 2016 to look at the JSP in more detail with Planning Policy.  They will run until May 2016.  Planning Policy will give an update to all   Forums in April 2016.


The Draft Placemaking Plan Consultation ran from 16th   December 2015 – 3rd February 2016.


Parish Councils are given support with Neighbourhood   Plans if they wish to develop these.


The Green Spaces Strategy was presented to the February   Forum meetings with a deadline for comment of 31st March 2016.


Forums will be kept up to date on progress.


Developments and   Infrastructure


Better integration   of students who live within existing communities

Work with the Student Community Partnership to   explore local projects

Student Community Partnership/Bath   City Forum

The Bath City Forum debated this topic with the   University of Bath and Bath Spa University at their January 2016   meeting.  The Chair of the Bath City   Forum, Cllr Bob Goodman, has been tasked to undertake further research on   HMOs; student accommodation and student numbers etc.


Forum members will be notified of   progress.  They may attend Bath Forum   meetings and receive papers if wished.


An update will be given at the April Forum meeting.


Economic development, skills, training and enterprise


Improve the availability of apprenticeships, work   placements and volunteering opportunities and support those people who are   unemployed / career changes

Review existing apprenticeships, work placements   and volunteering opportunity currently available


Explore mentoring and coaching opportunities

B&NES Economic Development   and Volunteer Centre, Children’s Centres


Environmental   Sustainability  & Climate Change


Encourage sustainable energy - better understanding of the benefits and opportunities for environmental   sustainability initiatives

Explore examples of local energy production in the   area. 

Bath & West Community   Energy and B&NES Sustainability Team

Outstanding but potential future Agenda item.

Health & Wellbeing

Encourage more referrals to existing services   particularly support for older people


Utilise more community venues for social   activities


Explore options for a 'village agent' or   ‘volunteer befriending service’ to support individuals and signpost to   services and use facilities to put on more social activities.




Outstanding but potential for West of England Rural   Network (Village Agents) to present on their work and explore new   possibilities for Bathavon at a future meeting.

Health & Wellbeing

Increase awareness of services   available to improve the health & wellbeing of residents


CCG Community Services Review - input into the review of   Community Services

B&NES Clinical Commissioning Group




All Forums have hosted two ‘your care,   your way’   consultations.  The full programme is available on their website.


Phase three will run from Winter 2015 to Summer 2016.   The Forums will receive an update during   the Summer on progress.


Forums have also been asked to put forward representatives to   sit on the ‘your health, your voice’ meetings.  These are held every two   months for members of the public to provide feedback on the CCG’s plans   for improving local health services. 


We are still awaiting a representative   for Bathavon but a reminder was given at the February 2016 meeting.


Stronger   Communities

Future   format of Forum and getting more input from our communities:

Discuss terms of reference,   membership and engagement plan for the Bathavon Forum.  Draft terms of reference to be presented   for discussion at the inaugural meeting in the Autumn.

B&NES   Strategy & Performance and Chair of Forum


All Forum members

A proposal for a working group   to look at the future arrangements for the Bathavon Forum was proposed at the   February 2016 meeting and is being established.




Stronger   Communities

Better communication  between B&NES and Parishes and better   induction for new councillors (Common theme)

Explore options for better   communication, buddying scheme for PC, training opportunities and sharing   information and good practice.

B&NES   Strategy & Performance


Self-nominated Clerk representatives   are: Jo Swift, Kirstie Green, Kathryn Manchee, Jane Griffiths, Tanya West and   Clive Stilwell

A range of issues relating to Parish   Councils were raised by Forums.  A   working group of Town and Parish Clerks has been established to discuss these   in more detail.


A questionnaire has been compiled and   sent to all Parish Clerks, which includes reference to communications with  residents.  The results of the survey have been analysed and will be reported at Parish Liaison in May.


Actions arising are being followed up.  These include an offer of training   and briefing sessions on a range of topics and advice to B&NES staff on  understanding the role of/engaging with Town and Parish Councils.


Clerks have also expressed interest in   sharing best practice via Atrium (a web based collaboration tool) and this is   currently being developed.


Influencing Transport Decisions at both strategic level   (including neighbouring authorities) and at local level (responding to   affordability, reliability, alternative options of public transport,   speeding, volume of traffic, safer routes to schools, highway maintenance   improvements.)

Discussion   on transport issues will be included on the Bathavon Forum agenda for future   meetings.  Ensure the relevant officers   and agencies are invited.


Terms   of reference needs to include a spokesperson from the Valley Parish Alliance

B&NES Planning and   Transportation team


All Forum members