Chew Valley Action Plan

Transport was the highest priority raised at the July 2015 workshop for the Chew Valley, followed by the need for improved information sharing and community engagement.  Other priorities raised in 2013 included improved access to health and wellbeing services, support for rural businesses to thrive and improve broadband for rural businesses.  A summary of the all the issues raised in September 2013 and July 2015 are detailed below. 





Lead / Involving


Children and young people


Improve the   provision of services and facilities for young people.











Explore wider use of Children’s Centre for the whole   community


Utilise the Children’s Centre bus for more activity in the   Chew Valley (such as mobile One Stop Shop)


Explore opportunities for more intergenerational links


Support the developments of an Arts Centre at Chew Valley   Secondary School to provide youth activity



B&NES Children’s Services, Chew Valley Secondary School,   WERN, B&NES Customer Services

The Chair of the Forum, Chris Head, has   been liaising with the Strategic Director for People and Communities, Ashley   Ayre, to explore wider use of the Children’s Centre in Chew Magna.  The topic is an Agenda item for the July  Forum meeting, which will include a presentation by Customer Services   regarding the future of One Stop Shops and Libraries.  This creates opportunities to explore   inter-generational links.

Children and young people


Promote   positive behaviours of young people in the Chew Valley

Encourage more nominations to existing Awards to highlight   positive achievements of young people across the area.


All Forum members

B&NES Chair’s Awards:  increased nominations for 2016.  There were 24 nominations for young people   this year and 15 last year.


The winner of the Young Carer of the   Year Award 2016 was from Chew Magna.


Developments and infrastructure


Ensure the impact of development   maintains the identity of villages and provides sufficient improvements to   infrastructure such as broadband, schools, roads, traffic, health, affordable   housing and secure future for leisure centre.

Parish Councils to continue to engage with the Placemaking   and Neighbourhood Planning process. 


Report back to Forum on progress.

B&NES Planning Policy


All Parish Councils





Joint Spatial Plan Consultation launched   in November 2015.  All Forums have hosted   a presentation on this.  Initial   consultation ran until 29th January 2016 and a joint response was   submitted from all Forums.  Two working   groups involving selected Parish Councils and Ward Councillors were set up in   February 2016 to look at the JSP in more detail with Planning Policy.  They will run until May 2016.  Planning Policy will give an update to all   Forums in April 2016.


The Draft Placemaking Plan Consultation   ran from 16th December 2015 – 3rd February 2016.


Parish Councils are given support with   Neighbourhood Plans if they wish to develop these.


The Green Spaces Strategy was presented   to the February Forum meetings with a deadline for comment of 31st   March 2016.


Forums will be kept up to date on   progress.


Economic development, skills, training and enterprise


Improve the   availability of apprenticeships, work placements and volunteering   opportunities


Review existing apprenticeships, work placements   and volunteering opportunity currently available



B&NES Economic Development   and Volunteer Centre




Economic development, skills, training and enterprise


Support rural   businesses to thrive.


Identify the type of support needed for local   businesses

Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce  



Economic development, skills, training and enterprise


Improve   broadband for rural businesses.


Work with the Council to ensure local issues are   highlighted

B&NES Economic Development

The Chew Valley Forum hosted a   discussion at its February meeting on rural broadband.  Members of the Forum were asked to undertake   speed tests in advance of the meeting.


A Broadband Summit Event will be held in   B&NES during 2016.  Further details   will be made available to the Forums.


Environmental, sustainability and climate change


Reduce the impact of flooding by working   in partnership with agencies and the community to identify prevention   measures and maintenance (including Flood Warden Training).

Support the activity of the Chew Valley Flood Forum

Chew Valley Flood Forum


The   updated Chew Magna Parish Community Flood   Plan 2015 is now available on the Chew Magna website This is a   comprehensive resource covering actions to be taken before or during   flooding, responsibilities of all the various agencies, and a detailed   schedule of contacts.


The CVVF website is


The Forum will be hosting a presentation on Sustainable Rural Drainage   (equivalent to SUDS) at their April 2016 meeting.


Environmental, sustainability and climate change


Better   understanding of the benefits and opportunities for environmental   sustainability initiatives such as bulk buying of oil.

Explore the   benefits including financial of sustainable energy sources



B&NES Strategy &   Performance - Sustainability Team



Seek the Forum’s view on this as an   Agenda Item for a future meeting.

Environmental, sustainability and climate change


Maintain awareness of the threat   of Fracking in the local community.

Parish Councils to continue to engage with the Placemaking   and Neighbourhood Planning process. 



B&NES Planning Policy, All   Parish Councils

As of early 2014   there has only been one planning application for exploration for Coal Bed   Methane in the B&NES area. The application, made in September 2012, was   subsequently withdrawn by the applicant UK Methane Ltd before it was   determined.  Relevant links on the Council’s   website are:-


Health & Wellbeing

Improve access   to services by offering more accessible ways to deliver services recognising   the challenges of rural life and reducing inequality, isolation and   loneliness.

CCG Community Services Review - continue to input into the   review of Community Services and explore ways for local initiatives to be   developed.


Continue to support the Village Agents scheme -   supporting individuals and increasing signposting of services for residents.


B&NES Clinical Commissioning Group



All Forum members


All Forums have hosted two ‘your care,   your way’   consultations.  The full programme is available on their website.


Phase three will run from Winter 2015 to Summer 2016.   The Forums will receive an update during   the Summer on progress.


Forums have also been asked to put forward representatives to   sit on the ‘your health, your voice’ meetings.  These are held every two   months for members of the public to provide feedback on the CCG’s plans   for improving local health services. 


The representative for Chew Valley is   Chris Head, with Cllr Vic Pritchard deputising as required.


The Village Agents have secured funding   from Sirona to continue to deliver their services in the Chew Valley for 18   months from Autumn 15.


Safer Communities

Better   Communication: especially between Police, Neighbourhood Watch and local   residents

Provide a safe community by supporting campaigns and   initiatives that reduce crime. 

Explore   options for better communication, volunteer neighbourhood co-ordinator and   make better use of social media and mobile apps.


Explore the   opportunity for a Pub Watch scheme

Avon and Somerset Constabulary


Parish Councils, health visitors, agencies, one stop shop, businesses   and local residents. 


The Forums   had a presentation from the new Chief Inspector, Kevin Thatcher, at their   February meetings.


Contact   details for the Police and PCSOs to be made available to Parish Councils.


The Stronger   Communities team are currently creating the Forum boundaries on the   website, so that crime statistics for these areas can be monitored.


Stronger Communities

Future format and make up of Forum

Discuss   amendments to the terms of reference, memberships, frequency, venues, structure and promotion of meetings at   the AGM/Inaugural meeting and implement new arrangements thereafter.

B&NES Strategy & Performance


All Forum   members

The Stronger   meet regularly with the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the respective Forums.  They also bring them together with senior   officers from the Council to discuss forward plans and key issues.


The Forum   meetings have now been structured in a way that enables members of the public   to raise issues with public services in an informal session at the start of   each meeting.


Forum members   are regularly reminded to promote the meetings and consultations; encourage   the participation of the public and feedback to any organisations they may   represent.


Stronger communities



Ensure   community facilities are accessible and affordable to the whole community.

Report back on the Chew Valley Mapping of community   activities that is currently being undertaken.

Volunteer Centre


Stronger team to follow up with Mike   Plows at the Volunteer Centre.  This   needs to align with the discussion in July regarding Children’s Centres and   Community assets.


Stronger Communities

Better Community Engagement between Parish   Councils and residents

Identify ways in which Parish Councils engage with local   residents eg, email distribution list, welcome pack for new resident and   share best practice.

Vice Chair of   Forum


All Forum   members





Influencing Transport Strategy taking   account of:  health and wellbeing   of those more isolated; improve connections to the main public transport   routes for commuters; improve community transport provision to local   services; provide safer routes for cycling and walking.


Transport Strategy - address   issues that affect the Chew Valley


Develop an engagement process for inputting into the   B&NES transport strategy – set up a 'Task & Finish Group' from   members of the forum to explore the engagement options.


Review the information contained within the Neighbourhood   Plans and issues raised previously by the Forum.


Complete the Chew Valley Transport Study: find out what is   already happening - what is working, what isn't working including viewing the   issues raised by the Forum.


B&NES Place Directorate, Strategy &   Performance,  WERN


All Forum members


Include service providers e.g. Children Centres, Health   & Social care, Hospitals, local GP's, local council members, local   businesses


The consultants brief for the Transport   Strategy was presented to the Chew and Somer Valley Forums at their October  15 meetings.


An update was given at the February   Forum meeting and further information about the public consultation will be   provided in due course.