Bath City Forum

When: Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016, 5:15PM - 8:00PM

The Guildhall, 
High Street, 
Bath, BA1 5AW


Our Aims

  • Our main aim is to act as a forum where local people, communities, organisations and businesses that make up the City of Bath can work together for the common good of the City;
  • To act as a catalyst for sharing ideas, generating innovation and driving improvements that benefit the City and its communities;
  • To generate a greater sense of shared purpose across our communities in Bath, enabling communities to address local need;
  • To provide a forum where public services can share approaches to new initiatives, well in advance of decisions being taken
  • To act as a `champion' and ‘voice’ for Bath residents, businesses and communities

This years conference will be held at The Guildhall, Bath on 1st July 2016 Exhibitions12noon-5pm / Presentations from 12noon until 7.30pm.

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