Keynsham Area Forum

Keynsham High Street

The Keynsham Area Forum meetings bring together local residents and representatives of community groups with their Ward, Town and Parish Councillors; Council Officers and other public sector partners such as the Police and Health Service.  The Forums provide an opportunity for public services to gain a greater understanding, from local people, of what matters most to them and what is right for their area.

The Forums also provide a useful way in which local residents can raise concerns with partners such as the Police.  Each Forum has an open session at the start of each meeting where specific issues can be raised.

In addition, the Forums are a valuable way in which public services can inform and consult with local representatives.

The overall aims of the Connecting Communities programme are to:-

  • Assist in identifying key issues for each community
  • Aid communication and reduce duplication
  • Encourage public engagement in local issues
  • Highlight common issues across communities
  • Identify how organisations might work together to address issues raised

The Forums meet roughly once a quarter in the Keynsham area.  Each Forum has a Chair and Vice Chair elected annually. They work closely with officers from Bath and North East Somerset Council to prepare the meeting Agendas.

A series of workshops were held in July 2015 for Bathavon, Chew Valley, Keynsham and Somer Valley.  The aim of these was to help the Forums consider different ways of working together, a better understanding of what partners can offer and review the influence and effectiveness of the Forums for the future.  The outcomes of the workshops have been developed into a series of Action Plans  which also draw together previous discussions held by previous partnership arrangements.