Keynsham Area Action Plan

Improving communication was the highest priority raised at the July 2015 workshop for the Keynsham Area.  Other priorities raised in both 2015 and 2013 are detailed in the action plan below. 







Lead / Involving


Children   and young people


Improve the provision of   facilities and services for young people


Explore opportunities to join up and improve services for   children and families including better use of Children’s Centre.

B&NES Children’s Centres





Children   and young people


Promote positive behaviours of young people

Encourage more nominations to existing Awards to highlight   positive achievements of young people across the area.


All Forum members


Chair’s Awards:  increased nominations for 2016.  There were 24 nominations for young people   this year and 15 last year.


Development   and infrastructure


Ensure the impact of   development maintains the identity of the town and villages and rural setting   and ensure: sufficient improvements to infrastructure such as schools, roads,   traffic and health; employment land is brought forward to create new jobs;   increase availability of affordable housing for local people;   relocation of leisure centre in Keynsham.

Parish Councils to continue to engage with the Placemaking   and Neighbourhood Planning process. 


Report back to Forum on progress.


B&NES Planning Policy


All Parish Councils






Joint Spatial Plan Consultation launched   in November 2015.  All Forums have   hosted a presentation on this.  Initial   consultation ran until 29th January 2016 and a joint response was   submitted from all Forums.  Two working   groups involving selected Parish Councils and Ward Councillors were set up in   February 2016 to look at the JSP in more detail with Planning Policy.  They will run until May 2016.  Planning Policy will give an update to all   Forums in April 2016.


The Draft Placemaking Plan Consultation   ran from 16th December 2015 – 3rd February 2016.


Parish Councils are given support with   Neighbourhood Plans if they wish to develop these.


The Green Spaces Strategy was presented   to the February Forum meetings with a deadline for comment of 31st   March 2016.


Forums will be kept up to date on   progress.


Development   and infrastructure


Ensure community assets   are maintained and retained for future community use.

Explore the opportunities to register local   community assets

B&NES Planning Policy


All Parish Councils

Outstanding - Stronger team to obtain an   update on registered assets of community value.

Economic   development, skills, training and enterprise


Create more job   opportunities and support those people seeking employment




Support   local initiatives such as Community @67 job club and Children’s Centres   employment and training support to help local residents seek employment.


Community @ 67, B&NES Children’s   Centres, Keynsham Chamber of Commerce, Saltford Business Network

JSA claimants   across B&NES total 615 which is 0.5% of the working age population.


Community@67   is currently delivering an employment programme along with Clean Slate to   support people in job preparation, confidence building, action planning etc.


Forum to host   a presentation and discussion on the programme.


Economic   development, skills, training and enterprise


Increase the opportunity   for apprenticeships, volunteering and work placement opportunities

Review existing apprenticeships, volunteering and   work placements currently available and explore new opportunities


Community @ 67, B&NES Children’s   Centres, Keynsham Chamber of Commerce, Saltford Business Network

Outstanding - Stronger Communities to   follow up with Economic Development.

Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Improve the Air Quality



Input   into the consultation draft Air Quality Action Plan for Keynsham and Saltford   and monitor progress.


B&NES Place Directorate




In   Autumn 2015, the Council consulted on draft air quality action plans for Keynsham and Saltford.  The   results are currently being collated.




Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Better   understanding of the benefits and opportunities for environmental   sustainability initiatives including solar panels, wind turbines and  utilising the river Avon as an energy   source


Explore the   benefits including financial of sustainable energy sources





B&NES   Strategy & Performance - Sustainability






Outstanding - seek the Forum’s view on   this as an Agenda Item for a future meeting.

Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Reduce the impact of flooding by   working in partnership with agencies


Identify   any flooding risks that impact on the local area



B&NES Place Directorate

Outstanding -   Stronger Communities to obtain an update from the Flood Resilience Team.

Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Encourage people to take pride in   their local community.

Support   local initiatives such as Keep Britain Tidy, Volunteer Clear up days and In   Bloom activity.

Parish Councils, In Bloom groups, Transition   group


At   the April 2016 Forum meeting, the Keynsham Wombles will be providing an   update on their activities and sharing information on best practice.  The possibility of including an update on   Keynsham In Bloom at the same time will be explored.


Health   & Wellbeing

Ensure services are   accessible and affordable particularly for those more vulnerable and isolated   people in the community




CCG Community Services Review - continue to input into the   review of Community Services. 


Explore ways for local initiatives to be developed and   promote existing opportunities


B&NES Clinical Commissioning Group



All Forum members




All Forums have hosted two ‘your care,   your way’   consultations.  The full programme is available on their website.


Phase three will run from Winter 2015 to Summer 2016.   The Forums will receive an update during   the Summer on progress.


Forums have also been asked to put forward representatives to   sit on the ‘your health, your voice’ meetings.  These are held every two   months for members of the public to provide feedback on the CCG’s plans   for improving local health services. 


The representative for Keynsham is   Adrian Inker.

Health   & Wellbeing

Lack of clarity regarding   the provision of NHS services for residents living near other local authority   boundaries.


Explore   the possibility of B&NES residents being offered a choice of preferred   provider

B&NES Clinical Commissioning Group and   Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group


As above –   this request has been incorporated in the feedback on the CCG’s consultation.

Safer   communities


Create a safe community by   reducing the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour

Address   concerns around the increase in crime and anti-social behaviour (new action)


Support   initiatives such as ‘Neighbour Hoodies’ to foster good citizenship.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary; B&NES;   Town and Parish Councils and other agencies.



Keynsham Town Council

A number of meetings involving   various agencies were held during November and December 2015 to discuss the   increase in crime and anti-social, particularly in Keynsham.


Representatives from Keynsham   now attend multi-agency meetings run by the Anti-Social Behaviour Team in   order to report on-going issues.  Other   communities experiencing similar issues need to ensure this is escalated to   this group and should report it to the Chair of the Forum.


The Chair and Vice Chair of   the Forum have also written to the local MP and the PCC to raise their   concerns and have met with the new District Commander for Avon and Somerset,   Ian Smith.


Safer Communities

Better communication   between Police and local residents


Explore   options for better communication; consider other methods (not just social   media) make   better use of free media i.e. Keynsham Voice/Week & Parish Magazines, noticeboards,   community radio, a regular column is planned for Keynsham Voice.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary


Parish Councils, local media.


The Forums   had a presentation from the new Chief Inspector, Kevin Thatcher, at their   February meetings.


Contact   details for the Police and PCSOs to be made available to Parish Councils.


The Stronger   Communities team are currently creating the Forum boundaries on the   website, so that crime statistics for these areas can be monitored.

Stronger Communities

Alternatives   to the Parish Ranger Scheme

Explore   the opportunity for a Parish Ranger scheme for the area by sharing resources   and ideas and links to volunteers.



Carolyn Beecroft (Chelwood PC) and John Twist   (Corston PC) including support from B&NES Strategy & Performance


All Parish   councils in Forum Area


John Twist   (Corston Parish Council) provided an update on this topic at the September   2015 Forum meeting:  As the level of support from B&NES is reducing,   Parish Councils need to join together to share what resources they   have.  There could be a potential for volunteers to support initiatives   like the Parish Rangers scheme, although many volunteers are currently   involved in lots of community activities already.  There are   possibilities of carrying out activities such as painting fingerposts etc.


Awaiting the   outcome of the review of the Parish Sweeper scheme, which could create   opportunities.  The Council will be   consulting with Parish Councils at a future Parish Liaison meeting.


Discussions   have taken place between B&NES and Compton Dando PC regarding   refurbishing/re-painting finger-posts in the five villages.  This is scheduled to take place in summer   2016.


Further   discussion needs to take place between B&NES and PCs to explore shared   resources and related, voluntary activity.


Stronger Communities

Improve   communication between Utilities, Highways and the community

Invite   public utilities (e.g. Wessex Water, Bristol Water) to attend future Forum   meetings.


Ensure   planned highways works are disseminated to Parish Councils.  Engagement at the planning stages will   ensure better co-ordination.


B&NES Place Directorate and Strategy and   Performance


All Parish   Councils now receive weekly updates on streetworks, which includes works by   utility companies as well as the Council.  A demonstration of the ‘’   website has been given to all Forums and members have been encouraged to   promote the website to local residents.    Feedback on this has been very positive.


The Council’s   Highways team are also exploring how they might improve engagement with   communities on programmed highway schemes – the Forums will be kept informed.


Stronger Communities

Improve   communication and support between B&NES & Parish & Town Council   Clerks

Explore options for better   communication, buddying scheme for PC, training opportunities and sharing   information and good practice.

B&NES   Strategy & Performance


Self-nominated Clerk representatives   are: Jo Swift, Kirstie Green, Kathryn Manchee, Jane Griffiths, Tanya West and   Clive Stilwell


A range of issues relating to Parish   Councils were raised by Forums.  A   working group of Town and Parish Clerks has been established to discuss these   in more detail.


A questionnaire has been compiled and   sent to all Parish Clerks, which includes reference to communications with   residents.  The results of the survey   have been analysed and will be reported at Parish Liaison in May.


Actions arising are being followed   up.  These include an offer of training   and briefing sessions on a range of topics and advice to B&NES staff on   understanding the role of/engaging with Town and Parish Councils.


Clerks have also expressed interest in   sharing best practice via Atrium (a web based collaboration tool) and this is   currently being developed.

Stronger   Communities

Improving and developing the Forum

Discuss   amendments to the terms of reference, membership (include Colleges), frequency, venues, structure and promotion of meetings at   the AGM meeting and implement new arrangements thereafter.


Extend budget fairs to include Forum   meetings.


Sub group to discuss proposals B&NES Strategy & Performance,   Chair of Forum and Chair of Compton Dando PC


All Forum   members


The Stronger Team   meets regularly with the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the respective   Forums.  They also bring them together   with senior officers from the Council to discuss forward plans and key   issues.


The Forum   meetings have now been structured in a way that enables members of the public   to raise issues with public services in an informal session at the start of   each meeting.


Forum   members’ feedback regarding venues, frequency etc have been taken on board   where possible.


Forum members   are regularly reminded to promote the meetings and consultations; encourage   the participation of the public and feedback to any organisations they may   represent.


Transport   provision

Improve the provision of   public transport for access to work



Ensure all Forum members have an   opportunity to comment on the Keynsham Transport Strategy and monitor   progress.

B&NES Place Directorate


All Forum members

The   Keynsham Transport Strategy was taken to the Council's Cabinet for approval   on 8th July 2015.  The Cabinet approved   the Vision Document subject to an exhibition in Keynsham, which was held on   15th September, to allow local residents, commuters and visitors   to discuss and understand the proposals.

Any   changes to the Keynsham Transport Strategy identified through the exhibition   will be delegated to the Cabinet Member for Transport in conjunction with   Council Officers.


The   final document will be circulated to Forum members as soon as it is   available.

Transport   provision

Ensure that any strategic transport   planning considers the impacts to the Forum area and neighbouring authorities   plans

Provide an opportunity to   influence other local transport strategies (eg Chew Valley), neighbouring   authorities plans and West of England.

B&NES Place Directorate


All Forum members


The Forum will be notified of the   planned public consultation events for Chew and Somer Valley Transport   Strategy.


Transport   provision

Ensure sufficient   transport provision is offered for medical appointments and to help reduce isolation   and loneliness 

Actively promote community transport services and local bus   services to local residents


Promote the benefits of volunteering to support community   transport services

All Forum members


Community Transport schemes



B&NES   hosts a community transport liaison group which has been looking at ways to   raise awareness of their services and increase volunteering.  A promotional video about the benefits of   community transport is being explored.