Member Guidance

Using information from other sources

It’s normal to reference other websites and other material during collaborations and discussions; however the act of presenting others works as your own is prohibited.

Including links to other websites if acceptable, however please ensure the site’s content is appropriate for the audience and topic.

If you reference another’s work please indicate who they and if possible a link to the original article.

Personal Information

Do not post or request anything that contains personal information; telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses etc. outside contact information presented on your profile page.

Any personal data that is posted will be removed immediately by a group administrator.

No promotion is not to be used for campaigning, electioneering, commercial advertising, promotion for personal gain or promoting personal views that would be deemed to be discriminatory or would incite hatred.

Removal of Posts

If a post is deemed inappropriate under the Terms and Conditions, it will be removed.


Some topic groups within Atrium may circulate a newsletter to all members which includes a round-up of news and events.  Content is not guaranteed to be included and Bath & North East Somerset Council accepts no responsibility for omission from the Newsletter, nor any inaccuracies. 

Users will need to proactively sign-up to newsletters and will not be signed-up automatically.