Somer Valley Action Plan





Lead / Involving


Children and Young people

Youth   Engagement in the Forum

Consult   with young people and youth organisations on how they wish to engage with the   Forum

B&NES Children Centre Services

The Stronger  Team has sought advice from Children’s Services regarding youth involvement.  The focus of the   Children’s Trust Board strategy is Healthy; Safe and Life Chances.


They advise that Survey Monkey is a good way of consulting young people.  Those in the Somer Valley are very engaged   but will expect feedback on the difference their views have made.


The Forum   needs to agree which topics it would like to consult people on and whether   they would like to invite young people to speak with them on a topic of their   own choosing.


Children   and young people


Ensure those seeking   information about schools are well informed.



Better understanding of the information available   about local schools and colleges (stats, funding, extra-curricular activities   etc)




All Forum






Outstanding - seek the Forum’s view on   whether this is a priority for them.





Children   and young people


Improve the provision of   services and facilities for young people.


Explore opportunities to join up and improve services for   children and families including using Children Centres as a hub to support   troubled families


B&NES Children’s Centres


Developments   and infrastructure


Ensure the impact of   development maintains the identity of villages and provides sufficient   improvements to affordable housing (particularly for local people), quality   retirement accommodation, home share initiatives, schools, transport   infrastructure

Parish Councils to continue to engage with the   Placemaking and Neighbourhood Planning process. 


Report back to Forum on progress.





B&NES Planning Policy


All Parish Councils








Joint Spatial Plan Consultation launched in November   2015.  All Forums have hosted a   presentation on this.  Initial   consultation ran until 29th January 2016 and a joint response was submitted   from all Forums.  Two working groups   involving selected Parish Councils and Ward Councillors were set up in   February 2016 to look at the JSP in more detail with Planning Policy.  They will run until May 2016.  Planning Policy will give an update to all   Forums in April 2016.


The Draft Placemaking Plan Consultation ran from 16th   December 2015 – 3rd February 2016.


Parish Councils are given support with Neighbourhood   Plans if they wish to develop these.


The Green Spaces Strategy was presented to the February   Forum meetings with a deadline for comment of 31st March 2016.


Forums will be kept up to date on progress.


Developments   and infrastructure


Local   Housing Issues (local people being priced out of housing in their own   villages)


To clarify the policy procedures for allocating   social housing for local families, eg shared knowledge of other schemes such   as High Littleton 




Timsbury PC


All Forum






B&NES hold the housing list.  There is a local community policy and a   rural connection policy for villages of 3000 population or less.  This is known as Homesearch.
  Homesearch is committed to Choice Based Lettings and aims to help people
  with a local connection to the area.    However, due to the shortages in rural areas applicants will only be   offered a suitable property to fit their needs.


Developments   and infrastructure


Improve   broadband and mobile phone signals for rural businesses and resident


Work with the Council to ensure local issues are   highlighted


B&NES Economic Development

A Broadband Summit Event will be held in   B&NES during 2016.  Further details   will be made available to the Forums.

Economic   development, skills, training and enterprise


Economic   Development for the Somer Valley (inward investment, skills and training,   wages, affordable workspaces)


Develop a plan to generate inward   investment into the Somer Valley


Create   a business case for a business hub in the Somer Valley and report back to   Forum on progress

Local businesses, public and voluntary and   community sector

The Somer   Valley has been successful in achieving Enterprise Zone status.  A presentation on this was given by the   B&NES Economic Development team at the February 2016 meeting.  They will continue to engage with the Forum   and individual Town and Parish Councils.


Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Better   understanding of opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of homes



Promote   campaigns such as ‘B&NES Energy at Home Advice Service’





All Forum






Information   about this has been made available at the November Forum Meeting, the   Interagency Meetings and Newsletter and at Community Venues across the Somer   Valley.


Environmental,   sustainability and climate change


Better   understanding of the benefits and opportunities for environmental   sustainability initiatives such as solar panels, wind farms etc.


Explore the   benefits including financial of sustainable energy sources




B&NES   Strategy & Performance -Sustainability   Team

Seek the Forum’s view on this as an   Agenda Item for a future meeting.


Health & Wellbeing

Ageing   better workshop in Timsbury (as a start for village forums in other B&   NES towns and villages)


Develop   a proposal and present to Timsbury Parish Council on an ‘Ageing Better   workshop’ – this proposal could be rolled out to the whole of the Somer   Valley

Timsbury Parish Council, Village Agents

The Parish   Council is actively pursuing this alongside ways in which to improve communications   in the village for all ages.


The Library   Service is holding a trial mobile One Stop Shop event in Timsbury during   2016.


Village   Agents are currently operating in Timsbury and aware of these opportunities.


Health & Wellbeing

Inclusive   Sports Facilities

Identify   local community assets that would support a permanent Boccia Facility and   other sports eg fishing


Raise   awareness of the benefits of inclusive sports, encourage corporate sponsors   and promote volunteering opportunities


Leonard Cheshire Homes, B&NES Strategy &   Performance, Sport & Active Lifestyle

A number of   potential community venues in the Somer Valley have been approached regarding   marking a Boccia Court.  However, were   unable to commit at this time.  Further   discussion is taking place with GLL (the new Council Leisure Centre provider)   and University of Bath.


Progress has   been made around improving disabled facilities at Tucking Mill with Wessex   Water.  Discussions are taking place   with the organisation that manages Hunstrete Fishing Lakes regarding their   longer term plans, which include facilities for the disabled.


During the   Summer a volunteering event will be organised to raise the profile of   inclusive sports.  A video about Boccia   and fishing will be produced to highlight volunteering and sponsorship   opportunities.


Health & Wellbeing

Reduce isolation   especially in villages

Explore ways for local initiatives to be developed and   promote existing opportunities


All Forum members


Outstanding   but linked to Timsbury’s activities.


Village   Agents are currently operating in Timsbury.


Health   and wellbeing


Increase residents health   & wellbeing with a focus on reducing deprivation, childhood obesity,   cancers, diabetes, improve child dental health, mental health

CCG Community Services Review - continue to input into the   review of Community Services


B&NES Clinical Commissioning Group




All Forums have hosted two ‘your care,   your way’   consultations.  The full programme is available on their website.


Phase three will run from Winter 2015 to Summer 2016.   The Forums will receive an update during   the Summer on progress.


Forums have also been asked to put forward representatives to   sit on the ‘your health, your voice’ meetings.  These are held every two   months for members of the public to provide feedback on the CCG’s plans   for improving local health services. 


The representative for Somer Valley is   Richard Robertson.


Safer   communities


Reduce anti-social   behaviour.


Support initiatives such as Street Pastors   and Alcohol Partnership to reduce anti-social behaviour

Avon and Somerset Constabulary

The Midsomer   Norton Community Alcohol Partnership continues to meet and would be happy to   share best practice with other communities.


The Forums   had a presentation from the new Chief Inspector, Kevin Thatcher, at their   February meetings.


Contact   details for the Police and PCSOs to be made available to Parish Councils.


The Stronger   Communities team are currently creating the Forum boundaries on the   website, so that crime statistics for these areas can be monitored.


Stronger Communities

Complete   Community Asset Transfers (those pledged by B&NES)

Follow up on   pledge Community Asset Transfers, unblock any legal issues and clearly   explain any problems regarding the asset transfers

B&NES   Resources and Strategy and Performance

On-going and   being negotiated with the individual organisations concerned.

Stronger Communities

Future   of the Somer Valley Forum 

Discuss   amendments to the terms of reference, membership (include Colleges), frequency, venues, structure and promotion of meetings at   the AGM meeting and implement new arrangements thereafter.


Extend budget fairs to include Forum   meetings.

Sub group to discuss proposals, Cllr Myers and B&NES Strategy   & Performance


All Forum   members


Suggested   amendments to the Terms of Reference were made at the AGM.  These were updated and shared at the   February Forum meeting.


The Principal   of City of Bath College, which now operates its Somer Valley Campus in   Westfield is on the mailing list for the Forum.


The Stronger   team meets regularly with the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the respective   Forums.  They also bring them together   with senior officers from the Council to discuss forward plans and key   issues.


The Forum   meetings have now been structured in a way that enables members of the public   to raise issues with public services in an informal session at the start of   each meeting.


Forum members   are regularly reminded to promote the meetings and consultations; encourage   the participation of the public and feedback to any organisations they may   represent.


Special   meetings were held in November hosted by the Forums to consult on the Council’s   Budget.  An update was given at the   February Forum meetings.


Stronger Communities

Ensure   community assets are maintained and retained for future community use

Explore the opportunities to register local   community assets.


Encourage more joint working between organisations   that manage community spaces.


All Forum   members


Outstanding - Stronger team to obtain an   update on registered assets of community value.

Stronger Communities

Improved   Communication between B&NES and Parish Councils

Explore options for better   communication, buddying scheme for PC, training opportunities and sharing   information and good practice.

B&NES   Strategy & Performance


Self-nominated Clerk representatives   are: Jo Swift, Kirstie Green, Kathryn Manchee, Jane Griffiths, Tanya West and   Clive Stilwell


A range of issues relating to Parish   Councils were raised by Forums.  A   working group of Town and Parish Clerks has been established to discuss these   in more detail.


A questionnaire has been compiled and   sent to all Parish Clerks, which includes reference to communications with   residents.  The results of the survey   have been analysed and will be reported at Parish Liaison in May.


Actions arising are being followed   up.  These include an offer of training   and briefing sessions on a range of topics and advice to B&NES staff on   understanding the role of/engaging with Town and Parish Councils.


Clerks have also expressed interest in   sharing best practice via Atrium (a web based collaboration tool) and this is   currently being developed.


Stronger Communities

Alternatives   to the Parish Ranger Scheme

Explore   the opportunity for a Parish Ranger scheme for the area by sharing resources   and ideas and links to volunteers.

Link to   Keynsham Area Forum proposal

Awaiting the   outcome of the review of the Parish Sweeper scheme, which could create   opportunities.  The Council will be   consulting with Parish Councils at a future Parish Liaison meeting.




Influencing Transport Strategy taking account of:  affordability and accessible public   transport, reliability, alternative options for public transport, speeding,   volume of traffic, safer routes to schools, highway maintenance improvements   and weight restrictions.)


Transport Strategy - address   issues that affect the Somer Valley


Develop an engagement process for inputting into the   B&NES transport strategy – set up a 'Task & Finish Group' from   members of the forum to explore the engagement options.


Review the information contained within the Neighbourhood   Plans and issues raised previously by the Forum.


B&NES Planning and   Transportation team


All Forum members

The consultants brief for the Transport   Strategy was presented to the Chew and Somer Valley Forums at their October   15 meetings.


An update was given at the February   Forum meetings and further information about the public consultation will be   provided in due course.


Transport are liaising with Planning on   the Joint Strategic Plan and have access to Neighbourhood Plan documents.