Terms of reference


Forums.bathnes.gov.uk has been set up by Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES Council) to provide an on-line collaboration tool where people from across the district can easily communicate with each other.

Users can view fully public groups, and become members of public groups to enable them to collaborate in forums, events and documents. Users may also join private groups whereby they can access the same features with the additional benefit of content not being visible to those who are not group members.

Forums.bathnes.gov.uk is intended to be used by; parish and town councils, councillors, businesses, members or representatives of community groups, organisations, officers, practitioners, schools, churches; or anyone with a personal or professional interest in community matters.


As a non-member you will only be able to view open content. However when you join and become a Member, you can participate in all the features the group administer permits and you will be kept up to date with a regular summary of news and events if you wish. When you become a Member, please read the 'Terms and Conditions' before contributing any content.

Users of the system can only see the details of their own profile.

Getting Started

To join Forums.bathnes.gov.uk: If you are joining as an Organisation / Business / Councillor / Council Officer / Community Group / Individual, please set up your account using your proper name, your official email address (if you have one) and job title (if applicable). Please also ensure your username or handle easily identifies you.



Events can be created by group members with the appropriate permission, and other members of the group can be invited. Events created in publically available groups can be shared via social media, alternatively an event (even in a public group) can be made private if it is not open to everybody.

Use of Photos

You can upload photos of your event or project. If your photos were taken in the public domain you may not need permission of the people appearing in them before uploading them. If the photos show people attending an event, please ensure you have their permission before uploading them. Please name and add a description for each.


You can upload documents relevant to discussions & topic groups. Please ensure you have full permission to share documents. Please ensure documents DO NOT contain any confidential or personal data.

Email notifications

Users of forums.bathnes.gov.uk can sign-up for notifications of updates to content to which they have access. You will not be signed-up to notifications without your consent.